Heating Tune-Up

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When you consider that most central heating and air conditioning systems are design to last, on average, 15-17 years and that they’ll run better and usually longer with regular maintenance.

The problem is, despite its reliability, a catastrophic failure of your furnace could occur at any time, and the only way to prevent that type of disaster is with regular inspections of your heating system.

If you live in Aurora, or the surrounding areas, the last thing you want it for your air conditioner to go out on you during the dog days of summer, or worse yet, for you heating system to die on you during the dead of winter.

When you have your tune-up and safety inspection performed, you’ll not only be protecting yourself from potential hazards, you’ll also be increasing the efficiency of your system, improving your air quality and preventing untimely breakdowns that, at the very least, will leave you uncomfortable, and most likely will occur at the worst possible time. At this point the annual maintenance is absolutely in your best interest.

  1. Clean heater burner(s) and inspect heat exchanger (firebox).
  2. Clean and adjust electrode or pilot assembly in the forced air furnace.
  3. Clean the furnace air filter or install a supplied furnace air filter.
  4. Test and adjust the heater safety and operating controls.
  5. Inspect heater flue pipe and draft divert er for wear and leakage.
  6. Monitor for combustion leaks, cracks, blow by and furnace flame condition.
  7. Test the furnace gas valve operation.
  8. Check the temperatures and pressures
  9. Check the furnace blower motor.
  10. Test the heater rise temperature to ensure proper airflow.
  11. Inspect the furnace air ducts for leakage and damages.

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Regular furnace tune ups also help reduce the chances of heating equipment malfunction and costly repairs. If you live the Chicagoland area, or any of the nearby areas such as Aurora, and would like a professional furnace repair technician to perform a tune up on your heating system, please do not hesitate to call George’s Heating and Cooling today. We will happily schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

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